DOS/4GW Files Archive

DOS/4GW was distributed with Watcom C++ to "break the 640K memory barrier" so
that programs larger than 640KB could be run in DOS. Several versions of the
program were released during the lifetime of DOS. This collection is meant to
provide as many versions of the DOS/4GW executable as possible, because often
times certain versions packaged with certain games will crash on some systems
while other versions will not. The most common version of DOS/4GW is version
1.97, released in this package as 1_97_2.EXE.

Versions 1.6 and 1.9 were provided by DosFreak. All other versions were prov-
ided by Colin Snover.

1_8.EXE225.76 KB
1_6.EXE215.86 KB
1_9.EXE234.94 KB
1_92.EXE238.98 KB
1_95.EXE248.59 KB
1_95_2.EXE248.24 KB
1_97.EXE259.18 KB
1_97_2.EXE259.2 KB
1_97_3.EXE258.75 KB
2_01A.EXE265.11 KB
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